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Training in the USA. October 31, Petoskey, Michigan

On October 31, with the purpose of reviewing of the management of small territories, the delegates of the international training of the US Department of Commerce arrived in a small town Petoskey with a population of about 6,000 people in the north of Michigan. The main specialization of the town is the production of parts for assembling engines in Detroit.

Based on the example of the local CCI, the economic alliance «Northern Lakes», the Northern Michigan agricultural alliance, the local business centers of the Administration public and private partnership, as practice part were reviewed small-scale branding projects, the development of various types of tourism, support of local producers through popularization of their products / services according to formula: I tried it-I love it. The key to their success, united by the development cities, representatives of authorities, business and volunteers see in the motto: Work together – Win together!!! The CEO of the socially responsible enterprise «Techno-Image» Oleg Velichko noted the relevance of the ideology of the unification of various branches of society in American cities for implementation in the Ukrainian territories with the aim of their social and economic development.

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