Can anything last forever? We will restore it!

Techno-Image Ltd. – is your authorized partner that supplies spare parts, services, repair and restoration of material handling equipment.
The company has state accreditation and Permit for the repair and maintenance of machinery, high-risk mechanisms – technological vehicles No 0337.13.12 dd. 12.04.2013 and Conclusions of state examination No 12.3-01.2-02-0091.13. dd. 04.03.2013. Company has been on the Ukrainian market since 1998.
Techno-Image Ltd. – is full service company that completely serves warehousing and handling fleets.

We create an uninterrupted rhythm of work of our customer’s equipment!

– This is our mission. This is how we work and profess this principle in relation to each of our client.

Reviews of Techno-image

Andrey Shmalko

As the time comes, maintenance staff calls and warn. If there is a breakdown reacts quickly, provides different options. It's pleasure to work with them.

Artem Ivashchenko

Maintenance department of the company Techno-Image quickly responds to inquiries and in a timely manner maintains equipment + gives useful tips about the operation of equipment.

Irina Shchukina

The lift truck took run then slowed down. Lads mechanics came to fix the problem and told what was happening and why.

Sergei Tarasenko

Participating in social project of the company Techno-Image of training leaders-schoolchildren of the course «School of Life» at the basis of the company as a curator + of introducing teenagers in the company activity, communication, cooperation of departments, I noticed important detail - they are interested, they are ready to carry out self-examination, learn from mistakes and move on, but do not stand on the sidelines and wait when winds of change blows in their direction. Teenagers face with questions that cannot answer due to lack of experience and make the right decision, in this situation they rely on the support of adults, which is not often seen in today's society. Most adults excuse: I am busy; he/she will understand himself/herself, etc. In fact, we throw them to the whirl of life activity. After we get the following reaction of the youth – that I will not do, that I do not want to do and this is certainly not mine. We had not helped to define and helped to understand – as a result we have gotten what they had sowed.

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