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Warned means prepared!

During springtime the company «Techno-Image» conducts on-site diagnostics of handling equipment to provide an act of actual state of equipment and the possibility of forming an enterprise budget for the summer period. After all, warned means prepared for negative situations with equipment and they can be different.

For example, you missed the maintenance of the handling equipment namely the change of technical fluids in hydraulics. In this case, subsidence of the carriage under the cargo, the breakdown of the cylinder seals, the breakdown of the hydraulic pump, the distribution valves are possible.

Or your equipment does not have a stable internal combustion engine (ICE), increased gas contamination when the engine is running. Then it is possible not only over-consumption of fuel, but also a breakdown of the engine, a breakdown of fuel equipment, a carburetor, a gas reducer, etc.

Problems with a controlled bridge can lead to loss of the cargo during the movement, hitting and damage of foreign object, overturning of the handling truck.

To order on-site diagnostics of handling equipment, please call: (067) 152-09-31.

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