Techno-Image – is an enhanced provider of products and services for the warehousing, handling and special machinery

Spare parts and OEM components, expendable materials for the handling, earth-moving equipment, as well as for trucks of foreign manufacture. For client’s machinery fleet that consists of different producer brands, we supply the entire range of necessary spare parts from a single source.


Trelleborg: a wide range of pneumatic and whole-solid tires for warehousing and special equipment. We offer various models of tires of this brand – Orca, Master Solid, Rota, Bergougnan. Trelleborg (Sweden) – is the only manufacturer in the world that supports a lifetime warranty on their tires.

Starco. Currently, STARCO is Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of tires, wheels, inner tubes, complete wheels, steel discs, axles and dual wheels for heavy machinery.

Advance is one of the leading Asian companies producing tires. It is also a key supplier of the world’s largest companies engaged in manufacturing and in product range has 6 categories and several thousands of kinds and sizes of bias tires. The company has US certificates confirming the international level of quality.

Also the company Techno-Image offers the following tire brands:

  • Kenda
  • Malhotra
  • Globe Star

Our company carries out press vulcanization of tires using our own presses.

Forklift trucks JAC (economy class) –  comparative quality characteristics of JAC product are equal to characteristics of the world manufacturers of handling equipment, such as TCM, KOMATSU, NISSAN, and MITSUBISHI.  Company provides a record warranty period for this segment of handling equipment – 4,000 motor hours.

Forklift trucks and warehousing equipment Yale – is a wide range of specialized equipment (Premium class). Yale – is a world leader in the production of warehousing equipment and forklift trucks.

Reconstructed equipment allow at minimum expenses to extend machinery fleet with necessary warehousing equipment. We sale only previously used equipment that has passed full circle of special reconstruction work on the stationary base of Techno-image.

Equipment rental –lift trucks of different configurations and tonnage are offered with the organization of delivery to the customer objects across the territory of Ukraine.

Attachable equipment for forklift trucks

  • Bolzoni Auramo – is a leading European manufacturer of equipment for forklifts. Industrial Group Bolzoni Auramo has 7 modern factories and developed trade network with its own subsidiaries and a large number of independent dealers on all continents.
  • Kaup – is a German manufacturer, a leader in the design and manufacture of replaceable attachable equipment for forklifts. Distinguished by its flexibility and is suitable for almost all types of forklift trucks, both new and used.

For additional information about products please contact our technical support service. We are always happy to help you!

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