Bolzoni Auramo forklift attachments

Paper roll clamps

Company BOLZONI-AURAMO is a specialist in the production of equipment for the processing of paper. Among our roll clamps, which are leaders in the world market, you can find a model for any type of operation. Design and manufacture of roll clamps emphasize ease of use, improve the efficiency of processing and reduce damage to the rolls.

Pulp Bale Clamps and Waste Paper Bale Clamps

Pulp bale clamps designed to meet the special requirements of the pulp processing. In addition to a strong frame design, clamps equipped with slim and strong arms, arms with non-marking coating, the opening width and capacity, suitable for processing pulp in packages of various sizes. Waste paper bale clamps are specially strengthened and adapted for intensive operations.

Positioners and sideshirters of the carriage

BOLZONI-AURAMO positioners increase efficiency and speed up the processing where the size of pallets and loads vary. Fast and accurate hydraulic adjustment of fork position reduces damage probability of pallets and reduces processing time.

Sideshirter of the carriage – is a powerful tool of increasing the loading capacity, allows doing the work with loads faster and more convenient for the operator.

Multi pallet handlers

BOLZONI-AURAMO multi pallet handlers simultaneously handle one, two, even three pallet.

Multi pallet handlers are suitable for high efficiency in processing of pallets.

Home Appliance Clamps

Home appliance clamps designed with the possibility of installing different types of clamps, depending on the application. These clamps have a very strong and at the same time compact carriage design and excellent visibility from the outside and through the carriage. Most of the models are also offered with a rotation of 360 degrees.

Carton Clamps

BOLZONI-AURAMO carton and equipment clamps designed to handle loads without pallets. Typical application – is production of home appliances and warehouses. It is recommended to use these clamps for large volumes of processed products, packed in a box and for strong economies of warehouse space.

Specialized equipment

Among the range of specializes equipment you can find a solution for the implementation of non-standard operations. These are, for example, attachments such as stabilizers, rotators, tire clamps, hydraulic buckets.

We offer customized solutions depending on the application and type of equipment.

Optional equipment

A wide range of BOLZONI-AURAMO accessories and options includes tools that facilitate the attachment operation, reduce the damage probability of the goods and enable to control operation of equipment.

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