Used forklifts lease

Used forklifts lease

Techno-Image Ltd proposes lease of forklifts with different technical characteristics.

All forklifts have been full-repaired at our service station, particulary:

– sector of engines and gear boxes repair;- sector of running gear repair;

– sector of hydraulic repair;

– sector of lifting mechanism repair;

– sector of electical equpment repair;

– sector of frames and cabins repair;

– painting sector;

– tyre lifting sector.

These forklifts are ready to be used in different work conditions. Lease conditions shoud be discussed in every case and with every client separately. Service and repairs of equipment proceed by Techno-Image Ltd service staff and on Techno-Image Ltd account. In case, your forklift shoud be repaired, Techno-Image Ltd grants you reserve equipment for providing uninterrupted manufacturing process of your enterprise.

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