Forklift trucks and warehouse machinery YALE

 Warehouse machineryYALE


We offer the following range of forklift trucks Yale

Forklift truck Yale AK /1.5-2.0 tons

Diesel trucks and LPG trucksRK / TK / 2.0-3.0 tons

Diesel trucks and LPG trucks VX / 4.0-5.5 tons

Diesel trucks and LPG trucks VX / 6.0-9.0 tons

Diesel trucks DB / EB / 8.0-16.0 tons

Electric lift truck RCF / 1.0-1.5 tons

Electric lift truckVT / 1.5-2.0 tons

Electric lift truckVF / 1.6-2.0 tons

Electric lift truckVL / 2.2-3.5 tons

Electric lift truckYale

Product line of lift trucks with AC motors includes: 3 wheeltrucks with tonnage from 1 to 2 tones and 4 wheel trucks with tonnage from 1.6 to 5.5 tons. The main feature of the fourwheel trucks Yale is a new chassis design that provides best-in-class maneuverability.

In a wide range you always can choose a model with optimal balance between capacity of accumulator battery and sizes and maneuverability. Due to this, the machinery is compact and has high level of performance efficiency. It is possible to take out battery both from above and from the side due to lift truck design. High performance efficiency improves the efficiency of cargo handling both when moving long distances, and in “shuttle” operations. Warranty – 3 yearsor 4000 motorhours

All YALE lift trucks have 2 operating modes:

  • Power saving mode (eLo) –is the leader in the class for energy consumption
  • High efficiency mode (HiP) – is the leader in productivity class.

Yale lifttrucks with internal combustion engines

A wide range of lift trucks with tonnage up to 16 tones are used in different application areas. They can be equipped with both diesel and LPG engines of brands Yanmar, Cummins, Mazda, and General Motors. High quality components and modern standards of build quality allowed creating a reliable lift truck that combines the high performance efficiency and minimal operational costs.

There are three models of lift truck with internal combustion engines:

  • Basic model
  • Improved model
  • Productive model

They differ in the mode of operation, lifting height, overcome inclination and attachable equipment. For special operating conditions, our company offers a variety of configuration options, from “cold” to the explosion-proof option.

Warranty – 5 years or 6000 motor hours.

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