Diagnostics and maintenance of tail lifts

Ремонт гидробортов Киев Гидравлика ремонт Гидроборт гидроцилиндр

Techno-Image Ltd. carries out all the necessary operations for the diagnosis of tail lifts in order to detect failure and to determine optimal repair of tail lifts. Maintenance services for tail lifts are:

  • diagnosis of tail lifts;
  • platform adjustment;
  • removal (disassembling) of tail lifts;
  • platform painting.

Diagnostics of tail lifts is performed by qualified staff within the shortest possible period of time and at specially equipped stations. Quality is guaranteed.

Repair of tail lifts

Techno-Image Ltd. performs full range of repair work of tail lifts.

Our company has solid grounding in problemsolving of tail lift operation during exploitation, related both to mechanical failures and damages of tail lifts and to faults in the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts.

Repair of tail lifts performed in specially equipped stations by qualified experts who restore its operation within the shortest possible period of time.

If necessary, the specialists of Techno-Image provide on- site service of damage to the tail lift and repair it on-site.

Installation of tail lifts

Techno-Image Ltd. performs services of tail lift installation of all brands and modifications used on handling transport. If necessary, we can replace used tail lift for a new one or reinstall one tail lift from one truck to another.


We install tail lifts of such well-known companies like MBB, Palfinger Palgate, BAR Cargolift, Dhollandia, Zepro and others. Tonnage range of installed tail lifts is from 300 kg to 9000 kg.

Installation of lifts is carried out within the shortest possible period of time. There are all necessary spare parts, as well as our own production facilities for the repair of hydraulic cylinders and recovery of its components.

Components of the hydraulic cylinder are replaced on a special station with the necessary profiled equipment. All types of work are warranted.


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