Overhaul repairs

Regulations of the overhaul and reconstruction repairs

Services are carried out on a stationary repair base of Techno-Image Ltd., which is equipped with:

  1. diagnostic areas,
  2. defect identification cycle,
  3. engine, transmission, hydraulic, axle units,
  4. electrical and electronic units,
  5. welding stations,
  6. lining and painting areas,
  7. machinery fleet,
  8. lifting, compressor, pressing equipment.

We are offering:

I. The cycle of repair works:

  • components/assemblies repairs, chassis repairs,
  • overhauls repairs according to the standards of the manufacturer.

II. The cycle of reconstruction works:

  1. reconstruction of hydraulic cylinders;
  2. reconstruction of the geometry of the frames, bodies of equipment;
  3. welding of aluminum, cast iron, alloy combinations; cold welding technologies;
  4. restoration of cracks of the high-tech components;
  5. surfacing of polyurethane wheels, metal parts to the initial parameters;
  6. the cycle of reconstruction works on the machine-tool fleet.

All performed works are guaranteed as well as reconstructed components/assemblies; guarantee of longer service life of reconstruction equipment.

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