Mobile (on-site) service throughout Ukraine


Mobile service of Techno-Image Ltd. includes:

  1. On-site support.
  2. Equipment diagnostics.
  3. Maintenance service, minor and medium repairs.
  4. Recommendations on the identified breakdowns and further exploitation.

On-site mobile service consists of experienced staff, vehicles and equipment for maintenance, diagnostics, as well as for minor and medium repairs of equipment on a call-out basis.


Servicing handling equipment at the company “Techno-image”, as opposed to other companies, you get the following benefits:

  1. Maintenance is carried out in full accordance with the regulations and requirements of the producer factory without reducing the final price of the maintenance service/repair that leads to failure of the larger units.
  2. Only original spare parts and consumable lubricants of known foreign producers are used and only in accordance with the requirements of the use specification of the producer.
  3. During maintenance services our mechanics provide free full defect identification of all systems of lift truck and issue diagnostic statements and recommendations for the necessary repairs.
  4. Cooperating with us you get a warranty on the installed spare parts and provided services.

In addition to above  if extra on-site maintenance services are required, they are carried out immediately without imposing financial requirements and postponement of work to the next visit of mechanic.

Order on-site mobile maintenance service here.


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