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Training in the USA. November 3, Detroit, Michigan

Delegates of the international training of regional economic development arrived in the largest city of Michigan – Detroit with a population of 3.7 million people. This city borders on Canada, it is called «Western Paris». Detroit is rightfully considered the automotive capital of the United States. It was Henry Ford who founded here the first car factory.

Participants of the US Department of Commerce State program visited the illustrative entrepreneurial hub Techtown. In the structure of the hub there is an accelerator and an incubator and since 2007 it has released more than 2000 companies. Flexible payment system and a wide range of services provided by Techtown hub allowed gaining sufficient confidence from the state in the form of 30% of grant infusions in the development of the hub from the federal government and the state of Michigan. A significant part of the funds received was reinvested by the hub in support of the development of business models of its participants.

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