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Training in the USA. October 25, Los Angeles, California

Since the international training program of US Department of Commerce intends to introduce 18 participants from 7 Eurasian countries with the best practices of various States, on October 25, so flight to Los Angeles, California took place.

The first place to visit was the legendary University of Southern California, graduates of which are many heads of state institutions, private companies and corporations, specialists and experts in social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility of business in the US and abroad. The State University of California is the basis of California’s largest educational system, with a number of more than 465,000 students. In addition to the usual types of education (day, evening, extramural, online and weekend education), the University offers international partnership systems.

The university’s territory is an autonomic campus with a full infrastructure in the old style.

The unique classical library of the University of Southern California contains a lot of literature and visual materials in many areas, including subject: social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility of business, which is taught at the University and is included in the basic curriculum of many US universities.

Then participants of the training visited the advanced business incubator, which was created on the basis of the University of Southern California. The USC incubator accelerates the development of the best students of the University of Southern California and graduates through experiential education, mentoring and community.

The head of socially responsible business, the CEO of the company «Techno-Image» Oleg Velichko, spoke about the urgency of popularizing the teaching of the subject of social entrepreneurship and CSR in Ukrainian universities, thanks to exchange programs, as this training.

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